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Provider Appreciation Day – Gift Card Winners

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    Provider Appreciation Day – Gift Card Winners

    Provider Appreciation Day

    On Provider Appreciation Day, the Council drew provider names at random to win Wegmans gift cards.

    The winners are:

    LE: $50 – Sophia S.

    DCC: $25 – Mischele Terrell/Community Child Care Center, Inc.; $50 – Ashley Chambers/Wayne CAP Clyde Head Start

    Family: $50 – Maria M.

    Group Family: $25 – Sally A.; $50 – Shannon P.

    School-age: $25 – Erica Stuart/Bates-Rich Beginnings School Age; $50 – Pamela Jackson/After School Enrichment

    Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all providers for the work you do for the children in your care.

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