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Child Care Council’s free referral services are grant funded through the Office of Children and Family Services.  Parents and guardians can contact us for customized referrals to child care programs and consumer education.  We also offer referrals to relevant community organizations.

To request a free child care referral, you can:

  1. Send us an email: referral (at) childcarecouncil (dot) com.
  2. Perform an Online Search.
  3. Use our Referral Form.
  4. Call us at (585) 654-4720

Referral information is confidential and protected through careful management policies. Click on this link to view our Confidentiality Policy .

For more information about child care options, including the types of care available and quality indicators, visit our About Child Care page.

The information we provide is intended for referral purposes only. We refer to licensed and registered child care programs as well as preschools and summer camps.  We do not warrant the information concerning any child care provider, nor do we license, endorse, or recommend any particular child care provider. We remind you that only you can determine whether the quality of care is appropriate for your child.

The Special Needs Referral Program provides assistance in locating child care or other community resources for families with children with a developmental disability or developmental delay. An enhanced referral service provides information about types of child care, licensing regulations and legal child care options and referrals to programs with confirmed openings. Child care programs may also be eligible to receive an equipment loan for children with special needs while in their care.

To inquire about violations regarding a child care program, visit the Office of Children & Family Services (OCFS) website or call 585-238-8531.

If you need to report a complaint about a program or possible illegal provider, please view our Provider Complaint Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Referral service, please contact us at (585) 654-1286 or view our CCRR Complaint Policy

If you are a provider, call us anytime to update your records in our database.

Stop by our office during business hours. Children are welcome. We also do our best to accommodate nursing moms and babies!

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